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a tidy space is my happy place



Whether you are moving into a new home, downsizing or overwhelmed by your current space, having things tidy and organized helps you to gain a sense of control and allows you the freedom to focus on what is most important. I can develop an efficient system so that you love your home!


Let's Meet

We will get to know your space, needs and goals


Let's Strategize

We will discuss space solutions including functionality, repurposing and upcycling to optimize your living areas


Let's Go

Your living and storage spaces will be thoughtfully organized to create a sense of calm 



You are amazing! You help me feel better about so much, not just organizing. I'm noticing less mental chatter, a more quiet brain and longer sleep patterns.

Thank you!  -Celeste

Kristina helped me de-clutter my art studio without feeling like I lost my "stuff" or parts of my identity.  What I liked best was her helpful heart and out-of-the-box thinking.  She was always punctual.  Overall, I felt like we were a team where my wishes were considered and she assisted me in thinking through the project.  -Elizabeth

Thanks for your advice, suggestions and patience. We got a lot done today.  -Linda



Is being neat a genetic trait? I believe anyone can learn to stay organized. It just so happens that I learned early mom has always been very systematic in the house and I have picked up her habits from before I can even recall. My corporate career as an event planner for Bon Appetit magazine further honed my organizational skills, as managing every detail was of utmost importance. Now as a mom of three, I utilize order and systems to optimize functionality and save time in my own household. My systems can work for you too! 

Kristina Marler, Organization Expert


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